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Meet Your New Foreign Education Center

Welcome to Global Connect Forum! We are an education center in Northborough, MA that offers foreign language services and translation & interpretation services. Our foreign language teachers are dedicated to teaching language skills for real life situations. We also offer school subject tutoring services. Our experienced tutors work diligently with your child to help him/her achieve success at school.

Class schedules are available on Monday – Saturday and we are flexible to meet students’ needs.

Foreign Language Services

Are you looking to learn Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese or any of our other languages? Want to help your business break the language barrier and get corporate language training? Looking for one-on-one tutoring or translation services? We've got it all.

School Subject Tutoring

Whether in high school or middle school, our professional tutors can help any student reach their greatest potential. We can provide one-on-one help with as many subjects as you need.