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Satisfied Parents and Students of All Ages

“My daughter Molly has been taking Chinese at GCF for years. The Chinese teacher at GCF keeps the lessons interesting by switching between exercises – reading, writing, doing stories, etc. and also talks about the culture during the lessons as applicable. So not only are the students learning a new language, but about Chinese culture as well. The teacher is very patient and knows what to say to bring out the best in students, while teaching them the Chinese language. She is accommodating and suggests, supports other learning endeavors to help her students further grasp the language.”

Cheryl M.

“My favorite aspect of learning another language is discovering the cultural differences that accompany it, what translates and does not (and why). The mechanics of a language can provide great insight into the culture and history of its people. I’m also just generally interested in syntax, semantics, phonology, etc. My teacher at GCF makes all of my classes interesting. She’s not only great at explaining the language but also at bringing in relevant cultural supplements and explaining cultural differences that it never would have even occurred to me to ask about.”

Emily F., HS Senior

“I love Mexico, South and Central America. I have traveled to all three many times and each time I find something new and different. I wanted to learn Spanish so I could enjoy the food and culture without depending on a book or another person to explain everything to me… Learning a new language opens a world of opportunities, literally. Once you understand another culture through its language you can travel, work and live more freely. Nothing would hold you back except maybe your own fears. I love the flexibility GCF offers, not only in accommodating the times I can take a class but within the class itself. The instructors I have had at GCF have always been well prepared yet allow the daily curriculum to shift with new questions and/or topics.”

Marc S.

“Over the years, I have studied French, Russian, and Mandarin. I also learned Chichewa when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Central Africa. I can’t really evaluate my “levels,” but whatever abilities I may have, I have managed to make use of them when needed. On more than one occasion, a potential vacation disaster was averted. When I travel, I often hear other languages spoken. Being able to understand at least part of what is being said is quite gratifying and sometimes leads to interesting conversations… I enjoy the opportunity to improve my ability to understand spoken foreign language at GCF.”

Marc Z.

“Since I was four years old I have practiced Skotokan karate. This martial art originated in Japan. This inspired my interest in learning Japanese… In December I took an international certification test, JLPT, administered by The Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services. I passed and am now certified with a N5 rating. My teacher, Sensei Yoko, at GCF is the most enjoyable part. She clarifies difficult or confusing parts of my study. She really cares about me as a student and goes beyond teaching the lessons in the text to help me succeed.”

Alexander, HS Student

“My favorite aspect of learning another language is learning the culture. Culture and language come hand in hand. I think it’s especially important to learn both because properly understanding the culture gives one a deeper understanding of the people they will be communicating with. Our world is constantly evolving with new ideas. Learning other languages is extremely important in order to properly communicate with many different types of people… I enjoy the conversations I get to have with my teachers (I take both Chinese and Spanish at GCF)! GCF teaches through immersion method, meaning I get to talk a lot more in the language than I would in a school class. I get a lot more speaking experience.”

Nandini, HS Student

“My daughter Amy has been taking French at GCF for a while. It is too bad that her elementary school does not offer foreign languages. I hope my child can speak several languages and GCF offers the opportunity for her to do so.”

Tania D.

“I enjoy doing my class because the teacher is very nice and kind. She teaches very well too! Usually I am too busy with so much great activity, I don’t notice if an hour or more goes by. I like that. I do foreign languages because maybe when I am in public, and I speak a foreign language, I think (or hope) people think I am so cool — all because I took language lessons!”

Haley, 9 Years Old

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